203-01-2022Eloy de KinkelderParaview workshop 1
417-01-2022Eloy de KinkelderParaview workshop 2
631-01-2022Dominic MokbelStick-slip behaviour
814-02-2022Lucas WittwerParaview workshop 3
921-02-2022Claudia WohlgemuthA phase field model for active surfaces
1028-02-2022Lucas WittwerA computational model of self-organized shape dynamics of active surfaces in fluids
1611-04-2022Maximilian KloppeA phase field model for elastic surfaces in flow
1825-04-2022Luise ZiegerModeling tumor growth – a viscoelastic model for compressible tissue
2409-06-2022Marcel MokbelImplicit Coupling of surface and bulk equations with AMDiS
2516-06-2022Hanna GertackA simple model of brain tumor growth
2623-06-2022Sebastian AlandNumerical simulation of a viscoelastic active surface under a chiral force field.
2730-06-2022Paula Kahl, Klara LiesegangSimulation of particles in Navier-Stokes fluids
4219-10-2022Eloy de KinkelderOscillations on an active viscoelastic surface
??Marcel MokbelVesicle Budding

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Weekly seminar schedule
2231-05-2021, 13:00Sebastian AlandPhase-field modelling of two-phase flows
2307-06-2021, 09:30Sebastian AlandMonthly meeting + Phase-field modelling of two-phase flows part 2
2414-06-2021, 09:30Uwe PrüfertOptimal control with PDEs part 1
2521-06-2021, 09:30Uwe PrüfertOptimal control with PDEs part 2
2628-06-2021, 09:30Stephan KöhlerIntroduction to the exercise database of Numerics in TU Freiberg
2705-07-2021, 09:30Monthly meeting
3026-07-2021Lucas WittwerData managment
3102-08-2021Monthly meeting
3209-08-2021Paul AuerbachParticle-laden droplet evaporation – Simulations and Experiments beyond the
Coffee Ring Effect
3606-09-2021Monthly meeting
3713-09-2021Lucas WittwerSimulations of an active surface immersed in viscous fluids
4111-10-2021Luise ZiegerEine Embedded-Boundary-Methode zur Simulation biologischer Zellen in Strömungskanälen
4325-10-2021Eloy de KinkelderChiral forces on spherical viscoelastic surfaces
4401-11-2021Monthly meeting